YouTube is Testing a New ‘Search Insights’ Tool | This week in digital marketing

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Welcome to our weekly review of major happenings in the digital space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Google Adds PrestaShop To List Of E-commerce Integrations

Google has just announced a shopping integration with the e-commerce platform PrestaShop. This integration gives PrestaShop’s 300,000 merchants an easy way to make their product listings more discoverable across Google properties, such as Search, the Shopping tab, Image search and YouTube. This in turn makes it easier and convenient for retailers who may not be working with an agency to show their products on Google strengthening the search engine as an e-commerce destination. The integration is available now via the “PrestaShop Marketing with Google” add-on, and it is available in countries where Shopping campaigns are available. For more information, click here

  • Google December 2021 Product Reviews Update is Rolling Out Now

Google has begun rolling out a new search algorithm update named the December 2021 products reviews update. This is the second product’s reviews update Google is pushing out this year (the first one rolled out in April 2021). According to Google, the update is designed to greatly reward product reviews that share in-depth research over thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products. Reviews written this way will have insightful analysis and original research and they will be rewarded greatly. Especially content that is written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic very well. Google further provided two new best practices around this update, one is to provide more multimedia around a product review and the second is to provide links to multiple sellers. 

The update is now rolling out for English-language pages and will take about three weeks to complete. For more information, click here

  • YouTube Is Testing a New ‘Search Insights’ Tool to Help Guide Content Efforts

YouTube is testing a new insights feature for YouTube Studio that will provide information on what people are searching for on the app, in relation to a user channel and content for more general search queries. This feature is called ‘Search Insights’and it will eventually be available in the Analytics/Research tab with two separate tabs for query research. The first tab will provide information on what channel viewers are searching for while the second tab ‘Searches Across YouTube’ will provide insight into the most common search queries based on any keyword. This new tool can be very valuable for YouTube marketers. It is not live yet but YouTube says it will roll out soon. For more information, click here

  • TikTok Tests New Option to Tag Other Profiles in Video Clips

TikTok is testing a new way to boost engagement with a new video tagging feature. This enables TikTok users to tag other profiles in their clips. This option will be in addition to the existing @mention feature within the post captions. Allowing users to keep their caption text free of mentions, and still prompt other profiles to alert them to their clip. It is not really a big change, functionally, but it would provide a more integrated means to link to other creators’ profiles. And this can help promote a broader presence on the platform. It will also boost community engagement, by alerting top supporters or creative partners to a creator’s latest clips. TikTok is testing the new option now, with no plans for a full rollout at this stage. For more information, click here

  • LinkedIn Adds New Tools to ‘Creator Mode’, Including LinkedIn Live Access and Newsletters

LinkedIn is introducing new features to Creator Mode. The new features include LinkedIn Live access for users with Creator Mode turned on, and a new newsletter option for creators to help maintain connection with their audience. Previously, LinkedIn Live was only available to Members and Pages with more than 150 followers and connections who met certain criteria. Now, LinkedIn is giving creators access to the option, providing another way to maximize audience engagement on the platform.

LinkedIn is also giving Creator Mode users access to newsletters, which will help them keep in touch with their audience. When a new article is published in a newsletter, subscribers are automatically notified via push, in-app, and email notifications so they stay up to date with the latest content. Creator Mode was initially launched in March with selected users, and it’s been expanding access ever since. Not all users can sign-up for this option yet but you can find out if you have access via the creator mode edit hub. For more information, click here

Thank you for reading. See you next Friday for more news and interesting reads in the digital space.