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Welcome to our weekly roundup of major news and interesting reads in the digital space (for the week ending 13th July 2019.

Short And Long Term Tips To Improve Your CPA

The folks at Seer Interactive never disappoint. In their latest article, they looked at different ways to optimize your CPA, breaking them down for you by the amount of time it’ll take both to implement and to potentially see results.

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How can you improve your organization’s data strategy?

Consumer behavior is constantly changing and for a media organization to cope with these pace of changes, they need to make complex organizational adjustments that involve people, processes and technological obstacles.

In partnership with the Google News Initiative, Deloitte interviewed executives from 50 leading news and media companies in 16 countries. The results, published in the Digital transformation through data report, provide a framework to evaluate how advanced your organization is at using data and nine ways to use data to better engage your users and grow your revenue.

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How AI could shape the future of journalism

What impact can AI have on journalism? That is a question the Google News Initiative is exploring through a partnership with Polis, the international journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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