1. Google May 2020 “Core” Update
On May 4th, Google started rolling out the “May 2020 core” update to its algorithm. The May update happens to be a really huge twist as it has impacted a lot of sites and strongly influences SERP’s and organic rankings. Tons of site owners have been bewildered by the huge ranking drops in the past days as the restrictions have led to a drop in traffic and online sales of many businesses while others are on the winning side of this update.
According to Google, the rollout takes one or two weeks until changes are live. These changes on rankings could be as a result of the changing search behaviour of Google users, so if you have been affected it is recommended that you start writing relevant content in reference to the current search queries.

2. Google Search Console Issues Explained
Google recently published a detailed video that teaches site owners how to find and fix security issues with Search Console.

What are the security issues?
· Website Hacking: This is when a hacker injects malicious content on your site without authorization.
· Social Engineering: This is when an attacker uses your site to manipulate visitors into revealing confidential information or downloading malicious software.

How Do I Fix the problem?
· When a security issue is detected on your site, Google search console sends an email to the verified account
· Clicking the mail will take you to the “Security issues” report which contains a list of security issues related to your site.
· Click the “learn more” link to get more insight on how to fix the detected issue.
· When issues are fixed on the affected pages, click the “Request review” button.
· You’ll be asked to describe your fixes when submitting a request for review.
· Make sure your request explains the exact quality issue on your site, describes the steps you’ve taken to fix the issue and documents the outcome of your efforts.
· Reconsideration reviews can take a week or two. You will be notified when the review is complete.

3. Check Out These Two Updates from Google That Can Help Your Business Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic
· You can now include a link on your business profile to get support like gift cards and donations from your customers.
· Google updated its “Google Hotel Ads Commission program”, aka Pay Per Stay. This simply means that rather the regular bidding strategy where Hotel ads partners paid commission per acquisition, Google will now allow partners to pay only when a customer’s stay has occurred.

4. Figuring Out How to Boost Sales with Google Shopping Campaign Feed Optimization
Google shopping is a great tool for business owners to improve sales. Are you having problems with sales on Google shopping? Perhaps you aren’t doing the right things, try out these tips;

· Optimize product titles in a way that makes them relevant to popular search queries
· Make your product price relative to the market value, research for best pricing
· Ensure your product pictures are of high quality
· Vividly specify product categories
· List out product features and benefits
· Organize your products according to price, seasonality, margins etc.

5. LinkedIn Pages Can Now Host Virtual Live Events
LinkedIn has recently launched a virtual event solution by integrating events stream and live videos. The two features can now work together, allowing marketers to stream live video content directly to LinkedIn Event attendees. LinkedIn has launched this feature to help companies and marketers stay connected and up-to-date with their audience amid the period of the COVID pandemic. The good thing about the virtual event is that videos can be shared even after the event to grow a stronger real-time engagement.

How do I know the best time to go Live?
· Review the “Followers” tab under Analytics.
· Use the data in this tab to check where most of your audience is located.
· Go Live at the time that’s most suitable for your audience to join.

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