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LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Use its Ad Tools for Brand Building and Lead Generation

Linkedin published a new ‘Brand and Demand’ guide that provides users with a range of tips and notes on how to use LinkedIn to achieve brand building and leads generation within a single campaign stream. This guide aims to provide a wider scope of how campaigns should incorporate more elements in-stream, meeting the goals for both brand building and lead generation in a more inclusive, coordinated way. The guide provides a range of case studies to support its push, adding more insight into how you can use the Linkedin ad tools to achieve both brand building and conversion goals. If you are interested in building your brand or generating more leads in your marketing efforts on Linkedin, this guide is worth a look, as it may help guide your approach.

You can download LinkedIn’s “Brand and Demand Playbook here

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Facebook complains, Apple responds: iOS 14’s big privacy change gets postponed

Apple has postponed the enforcement of a feature of the upcoming ios 14 software. A feature that requires the app developer to notify a user of an app’s intent to track the user’s IDFA (ID for Advertisers). IDFA is used to track user’s behaviour across multiple apps and deliver targeted ads based on that behaviour. This feature would also require the user to choose whether or not they allow an app to track them. However, Apple was careful to clarify that it still intends to establish the requirement in the future and that this is only a delay “to give developers time to make necessary changes.”

Facebook is not satisfied over this planned change, as the change would fundamentally threaten the viability of Facebook business model on ios. Facebook published a public memo warning that Apple’s new policy would not only threaten the prospect of marketers and advertisers on the iPhone (Facebook included) but also question whether Facebook would continue to support its Audience Network Program (which uses IDFAs and is one of Facebook main services for app developers on the platform. 

In Facebook’s defence, the argument was that, given the choice, users would generally opt-out, greatly weakening the strength of the network for advertisers. Apple has not released any statement on when it will enact the requirements, only that there has been a delay, and that more information will come this fall. 

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The need to take a fresh look at consumer data

Due to the recent happenings in the last six months, Our understanding of data-driven marketing and advertising has changed. We are all now evolving into a real reflection of what is occurring with consumers in the changing economic, health and social environment.

It is now clear that the familiar lifestyle pattern has changed and a new one is being reproduced before our eyes. With this sudden change, it is important to understand consumers’ current circumstances before reaching out to them.

The new rules of data. Large scale data is readily available to most brands, but simplifying and developing specificity within datasets has been a challenge. According to Patrick Johnson, CEO of Hybrid Theory, the complex world of consumer data can be made simpler by following some new rules:  

  • Analyze current consumer datasets to judge relevancy for current economic, political and social climates;
  • Separate any new data that has been retrieved in campaigns since the onset of COVID as the most relevant data;
  • Re-trace all consumer journey paths via data to make sure they are relevant to the current market; and
  • Verify all current data to ensure validity.

It is now important to see that fresh data captured since the COVID outbreak is so much more relevant.

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