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  • LinkedIn Rolls Out Redesign with new features


LinkedIn is unveiling a redesign that comes with an improved search experience, along with stories and new messaging features. This new redesign and features are to help user experience and foster human interaction. LinkedIn is introducing:

  1. LinkedIn Stories
  2. New messaging features
  3. A refreshed design
  4. Streamlined search results

For more information about the redesign and features click here



  • Google brings bidding to Local Services Ads


Google is now opening up Local Services Ads (LSAs) to auction-based pricing. A selection of advertisers across the list of LSA categories will now have access to bidding in a new beta test. This is only opened to selected advertisers. Depending on the positive result of this beta test, we can probably expect bidding to become generally available sometime next year. The selected advertisers don’t have to participate; they can continue using fixed pricing if desired. 

Local service ads launched in 2015 with fixed cost per lead pricing — for simplicity. Prices were set by Google and varied by industry vertical and geography. Leads can be delivered in the form of calls, appointment bookings or messages, depending on what the advertiser wants to receive. One of the major benefits of LSAs is that they appear at the very top of search results, above traditional ads and above the Map Pack. 

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  • Facebook Launches “Facebook Business Suite”, a new cross-app management tool for Small and Midsize businesses


Facebook recently launched “Facebook Business Suite,” a new mobile app and desktop interface that brings together Facebook and Instagram publishing, messaging and analytics in a single dashboard intended to simplify management of content across both platforms. This management tool is created solely for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) for simplification of content management across Facebook properties. However, it will later be available to any business on Facebook. The benefits of this new cross-app tool include:

  1. Ability to manage posts on Facebook and Instagram from the same UI
  2. A common inbox for messages and notifications from both Facebook and Instagram
  3. Analytics and insights for both sites in the same location

This new app was developed after feedback from SMBs who wanted simpler tools that centralized and consolidated content, messaging, ads (boosted posts) and analytics in a single location. For more information on this new app click here



  •  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Agree To Ad Industry’s Harmful Content Standards


Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have taken an important step toward a new self-regulatory process negotiated by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). These three platforms have each agreed to adopt a common set of definitions for hate speech and other harmful content. They all plan to collaborate on the development of industry monitoring efforts that would help curtail harmful content being distributed in the future. World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) said the goal is to have all major platforms “fully audited or in the process of auditing” by the end of the year. WFA said the reporting and monitoring system will also lead to new “advertising adjacency solutions” that will help advertisers and agencies avoid placing ads adjacent to harmful content in the future. 

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