Welcome to our weekly review of major updates in the digital marketing space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Facebook & Instagram Drop Support For WordPress Embeds

Facebook and Instagram are dropping support for embedded content on WordPress sites starting October 24. An upcoming API update will remove support for unauthenticated Facebook and Instagram embeds. Starting from October 25th embedded content will only be supported for publishers with a Facebook developer account and a registered Facebook app. This change is retroactive, so all Facebook and Instagram embeds on the sites of unauthenticated publishers will soon become broken. This has the potential to affect millions of sites.

Meeting Facebook’s new requirements for embedded content is not an option for all publishers. Creating a Facebook developer account and registering a Facebook app is far from being a practical solution. What should publishers do if they want to embed content from Facebook and Instagram on their web pages?

For more information about this upcoming change click here.


  • Google Analytics Has 4 Powerful New Features

The “new” Google Analytics is here and it introduces four new features for marketers. The new update has machine learning at its core to automatically surface helpful insights and give a complete understanding of customers across devices and platforms

The 4 key features available in the “new” Google Analytics are:

  • Smarter insights that use machine learning to identify trends.
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads.
  • Customer-centric data measurement.
  • More granular data controls.

For more information, click here.


  • Google is testing a new ‘call history’ feature for Google My Business

Google is testing a new feature in Google My Business called call history. It is designed to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search and Maps. It’s opt-in and currently available to “a select group of businesses in the US only. This feature relies on basic call forwarding and doesn’t involve any of the advanced features of CallJoy. There’s no call recording or transcription. A caller will see a local number with the same area code as the business. 

However, Google may also use a regional number or in rare cases a toll-free number. When a profile owner opens the Google My Business app there will be a calls tab. He or she will then see “a comprehensive list of the time, date, and phone numbers that called them.” Missed calls will remain on the  Google My Business app for 45 days. It’s effectively like the missed call log on your smartphone. If the call is answered, businesses will hear a recorded message that the call was initiated on Google. So this is both useful and intended to reinforce the value of Google in the mind of the business owner or local marketer. Google also explains that the feature will not track texts.

For more information on this new feature click here.


  • Twitter Revamps Privacy Settings for the Web 

Twitter unveiled redesigned privacy settings for the web with the aim of making them easier to locate, use and understand. Twitter made these changes following a global privacy study by its research team, and the improvements include updated icons and navigation, as well as language that was made easier to understand on the purpose and functionality of each setting.

The social network shared a series of tweets from @TwitterSupport guiding users through:

  • How to tailor the type of content they want to see in their timeline, choose their location for the Explore tab and filter search results.
  • The “off-Twitter activity” setting, which enables people to manage how Twitter uses their online activity to personalize their experience on the platform.
  • How to manage how people can find them through the “discoverability and contacts” settings, including by phone number or Twitter handle.
  • Using the direct messages settings to filter out unwanted DMs and limit messages from people they don’t follow.
  • Determining who can see tweets and limiting who can tag them in photos via the audience and tagging settings.

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