Welcome to our weekly review of major happenings in the digital space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Google rolls out “Retargeting” App campaigns

This new app campaigned type is aimed at bringing an app’s existing user back to the app hence fostering loyalty and engagement. Like other Google Ads automated campaign types, you submit ad copy, images, videos, starting bid and a budget. The ads are served dynamically across properties. To be eligible for the app campaign your app needs to have an audience size of at least 250,000 installs.

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  • Google Web Stories ads now available via Display Network

Google is launching programmatic ad buying for Web Stories in open beta. If you are wondering what web stories are, they are the full-screen mobile experiences for publishers to deliver content (think Instagram Stories but on the web). They can appear on Google Search, Google Images and the Discover feed. With the new feature, Story Ads can now be sold programmatically by all publishers using Ad Manager and AdSense. To buy Story Ads, publishers will just need to add the <amp-story-auto-ads> tag in their web stories.

As explained by Google:

“Ad serving within Web Stories is handled dynamically “to optimize both user experience and monetization potential”

This is also good news for advertisers because Story Ads inventory will be available via the Display Network. 

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  • LinkedIn Adds New Company Page Roles to Provide More Management Options

LinkedIn has just expanded the new company page administrator roles, to provide more options to maintain business on-platform presence. This is a thoughtful update, and it will be beneficial for LinkedIn managers. 

The full listing of the new LinkedIn company page roles are as follows:

  • Super Admin – This new option provides master access to every administrator permission, including adding and removing all admins on the page, editing page information, and deactivating your company page.
  • Curator – Curators can recommend content for employees to post, with access to insights on performance.
  • Content Admin – This enables users to create and manage page content, including updates, events, stories jobs.
  • Analyst – This provides the capacity to monitor the page’s performance through analytics.

In addition to these new roles, LinkedIn is also listing its Paid Media Admins in a separate category, with three different options: Sponsored Content Poster, Lead Gen Forms Manager and Pipeline Builder. 

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  • Facebook Is Removing its Free Access Option for Facebook Workplace

Facebook has announced that it’s removing its free access option for Facebook Workplace. The social network workplace was initially offered free to help boost Workplace take-up, but with more people working from home due to the pandemic Workplace have seen a big rise in usage. 

Facebook Workplace went from 3 million paid users in October last year to five million in May, with new features like video chat rooms, groups, and connection with portal home devices providing helpful options for collaboration when managing remote teams. Facebook intends to push all businesses on the Essential plan to move over to its paid options. 

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  • WhatsApp Adds Carts to Further Facilitate Shopping Within Message Streams

WhatsApp adds Carts to enable WhatsApp users add items when they engage with a business, and submit a larger order all at once via the app. WhatsApp is continually adding more ways to promote business-to-consumer connection and make it easier for users to buy items. 

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Thank you for reading. See you next Friday for more news and interesting reads in the digital space. 


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