Welcome to our weekly review of major happenings in the digital space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Google Postpones Page Experience Update Rollout

Google has just announced that it is postponing the rollout of the page experience update to help site owners continue to make refinements to their website with page experience in mind. This update will include all the core web vital metrics, such as LCP, FID, and CLS (as well as Chrome’s recent fix to CLS). For more information about this update, click here

  • Pinterest Lets Content Owners Control How Their Images Are Used

Pinterest has released a new tool, Content Claiming Portal, which allows content creators to have greater control over their intellectual property. This portal allows creators to remove existing versions of their content and prevent future versions from being used on Pinterest.

To use this tool, creators will have to fill out an application which asks for proof of content ownership. The application asks for personal contact information and links to sources where content ownership can be verified. If the application is approved, creators will have three options to enforce how their content is used on Pinterest:

  • Mine Only: Remove existing and future versions of the images from Pinterest, except Pins originally saved by the creator.
  • Website Only: Remove existing and future versions of the images from Pinterest, except Pins that link to the creator’s claimed website(s). (This option will only be available if the creator has a claimed website.)
  • Block All: Remove all existing and future versions of these images from Pinterest.

For more information about this update, click here 

  • YouTube Expands Sponsorship Opportunities Through YouTube Select

YouTube is introducing an expansion of its slate of sponsorship opportunities via YouTube Select, to give brands more ways to attach their promotions to specific moments and themes within the app. The expanded slate will give brands more ways to tie into popular, thematic content, and have their promotions displayed alongside videos in a broader and more diverse range of categories. YouTube explained that this seasonal sponsorship focuses specifically on what’s prominent in culture during that time of year, like Mother’s Day, Women in Music during Women’s History Month etc.

Among the various new sponsorship opportunities, YouTube will offer:

  • Seasonal event sponsorship opportunities, including Mother’s Day and Black Music Appreciation Month
  • YouTube Greenlight, which will enable brands to sponsor an original series from a group of emerging YouTube creators
  • New sustainability-focused programming

Some of these new sponsorship offerings will be made available throughout the year, with a range of connected programs and channels tied into various events to provide and help brands maximize their promotions across the network. For more information about this update, click here

  • Twitter Launches Full Support for 4K Images in Tweets

Twitter has announced that all users now have the capacity to upload and view 4K images within their tweets. To access this feature, you have to enable 4K images, either within the Twitter app or in the image settings on your device, to see it in full effect. You can zoom in to see the detail of images on your timeline. 

This update will definitely have significant implications for photographers and artists on Twitter. They now have the capacity to upload higher quality representations of their work. This also applies to brands and vendors on Twitter, they would now have a way to communicate a more professional image of their work and products through tweeted visuals.  For more information about this update, click here.

  •  Facebook Adds Scheduling for Stories, New Ad and Business Discovery Options

Facebook has announced the addition of some features for its Business Suite management platform. This features includes Stories scheduling for both Facebook and Instagram, along with a new business discovery process from the News Feed. With this new feature, users will be able to compose Stories within the app, then schedule them to go live on both Facebook and Instagram. Scheduled posts will then be displayed on your content calendar within the Business Suite app. 

The social media platform will also enable Business Suite users to save their Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts, adding even more planning flexibility for users’ Stories approach. In addition to the stories feature, Facebook is looking to add a new business discovery element, via related Page recommendations below posts in the News Feed. This process will highlight related content from Facebook Pages below posts when users take the time to check out certain updates within their feed. For more information about this update, click here

Thank you for reading. See you next Friday for more news and interesting reads in the digital space. 


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