Welcome to our weekly review of major happenings in the digital space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Google Analytics Will Track Data Without Cookies

Google Analytics has introduced machine learning to enhance marketers in understanding a customers journey with or without cookies. This update is an extension of the machine learning capabilities added to Google Analytics last year. It allows relevant marketing insights, such as the likelihood of customers making a purchase surface. 

Google’s advanced machine learning models will soon be extended to behavioral reporting in Analytics. These models will fill gaps in data left by cookies that are not available. With this new reach of data, marketers will have a more complete view of the customer journey, and they will be able to use those important insights to improve their campaigns. Google explained that machine learning will be used, when necessary whether cookies are available or not. For more information about this update, click here

  • Advertisers can now bring customers segments into Microsoft Advertising via new integration

Microsoft announced that a new integration between Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s customer data platform, and Microsoft Advertising is now available. The new integration enables advertisers to use their customer segments from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to reach users in the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network via Customer Match targeting. Along with the integration announcement, Microsoft also shared that Customer Match is now available in more markets except for the EU, UK and China.

To integrate, your customer segments will be created within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. After the connection between Microsoft Advertising and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is configured, your customer segments will appear in Microsoft Advertising’s Audience page, along with all your other segments. For more information about this update, click here

  • Clubhouse Finally Launches Android Version

Clubhouse has finally released an android version of their audio social platform and it is now available in limited beta. The android app has some significant limitations that includes, the lack of options to follow topics, inability to create or manage clubs, and no capacity to update name or update username in-app. Clubhouse lack of an Android app has become a significant growth impediment of recent with other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are all adding Clubhouse-like audio social options that could end up slowing or overcoming the Clubhouse potential Android user take-up. Clubhouse shared that the android beta will roll out immediately in the United State and it will gradually reach the rest of the world. For more information about this update, click here.

  • Facebook Tests New Warning Prompts to Stop Users Sharing Articles They Haven’t Read

Facebook is adding new alert prompts that stops users from sharing links to articles they have not read. This is to provide some measures and counter less informed sharing and distribution. These new prompts are a more direct approach and it urges users to take a more active interest in what they are sharing, rather than being incensed by the headline. This ideally will get more people to reconsider sharing links without understanding its full context, which could help reduce misinformation among Facebook users. If this can get people to take an extra moment to read a full article before sharing it would have a big impact. For more information about this update, click here

  • Instagram Shares Helpful Overviews of DM Controls and Product Tags in Posts

Instagram has just shared new tips to help users make best use of their DM control tools available to them. They also shared a quick overview of how business accounts can apply product tags in their feed posts, Stories, Reels and IGTV. The key features highlighted are:

Mark as Unread: If you long-press on a message, you can mark it as ‘unread’. Which could be important, given that Instagram announced that it’s adding new read receipts to Instagram Direct.

Vanish Mode: When activated, Vanish Mode will make seen messages disappear when you close the chat. 

Privacy Controls: You have various DM control options you have available in Setting>Privacy>Messaging

This update is now available to all users on the platform. For more information, click here 

Thank you for reading. See you next Friday for more news and interesting reads in the digital space. 


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