As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates at breakneck speed, different social media platforms employ profound measures to address misinformation and provide vital information to fuel the minds of its members on the outbreak. Unfortunately, the pandemic has narrowed physical interactions amongst people and businesses to slow the spread, nevertheless, social media remains a helpful source during this time. In the past weeks, various social media platforms have launched new features to ensure members remain entertained and have great online work experience. Here are a few highlights from this week’s digital update;

  1. Instagram Introduces a New Co-Watching Feature to Enable Users Connect

Right now, we could do with more social options to strengthen connections with friends. With a large number of people missing out on regular social interactions because of the lockdown, Instagram is adding a new co-watching feature on its platform to help users connect via video chat. With this new feature, you can share and view different contents with friends/squad over video group chat.

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  1. Facebook Publishes Guides to Help Businesses Deal with The Impacts Of COVID-19

There is no doubt that the latest major event hit a wide range of businesses hard, however in order to help businesses deal with these impacts, Facebook publishes three new guidelines to provide guidance on how to make the best of the current situation.

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  1. Facebook Launches “Community Help” Where Users Can Register to Assist People or Request Help

Would you like to assist someone next-door during this period? The “community help” is a tool that enables users to search for assistance or offer help to neighbors during the Coronavirus pandemic, help such as delivering groceries or donating food items.

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