The ravaging pandemic engulfing the world and its economy has taken a toll on digital media, as various digital media pundits tweak their platforms to accommodate for their target audience. 

Google Is Extending Its Identity Verification Program to All Advertisers

This feature simply implies that users will begin to view advertisers’ disclosures by clicking the ad URL.

Would you love to find out more about who’s advertising on Google? The identity verification program which begins this summer would enable you to make decisions on whether to click on an ad or not.

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Google Launches a Multi-Participant Video Conferencing Platform

 Could Google be getting enough of the hype on Zoom? Google has introduced a premium video conferencing option called “Google meet”. Google meet will be made available and free for everyone and unlike many other video conferencing apps, Google meets can take up to 100 people at a time for up to 60 minutes.

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Facebook Expands Access to Option to Transfer Your Photos and Videos to Google Photos

Facebook is introducing a data transfer option to enable users to easily transfer Facebook photos and videos to Google photos. This is a great feature from the social media giant as it would help users preserve memories and share them out.

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