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Google is Rolling Out New Map and Local Interface in Search | This week in digital marketing

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Welcome to our weekly review of major happenings in the digital space. Here are a few significant updates that might interest you;

  • Google Ads Brings Image Extensions To Desktop Devices

Google Ads is rolling out image extensions to desktop devices in the coming week. If you are wondering what Image Extensions is, it’s a feature that helps make your ads more visually appealing and encourage visitors to click on them. In a few weeks, this feature will be available on desktop, enabling you to show relevant images to users at home or on the go. Before this update, image extensions only showed on mobile devices. Now, for advertisers that use image extensions already, their ads will automatically show with image extensions on desktop devices as this update rolls out.

This update also rolls out with dynamic image extensions, which automatically select the most relevant image from your ad’s landing page to desktop devices. In addition, dynamic image extensions are also now available for all languages. To top it all up, Google has also added a free, searchable library of stock images to help advertisers source for visuals. For more information about this update, click here. 

  • Google is Rolling Out New Map and Local Interface in Search

Google is rolling out a new local pack and map design in the Google Search results. The new design will move the map to the right side of the local search results, often called a “local pack,” for the desktop search results. This new design can greatly help people connect with the helpful information that they arere seeking. Now when people search for places or businesses nearby, like ‘parks near me’ or ‘restaurants near me,’ they will easily see local results on the left and a map on the right. 

For advertisers who get a lot of traffic and business from the Google local results, they may see changes to that traffic. The local results are now higher up on the desktop search results page, with the map being moved from the top to the right side of the page. The new design has been in testing for several months now and Google confirmed that it is rolling out in a few weeks. For more information, click here. 

  • Twitter Tests New, TikTok-Like Full-Screen Display for Explore

Twitter has just launched a new test of a reformatted Explore tab on the platform, that displays tweets in a full-screen, vertical scrolling format. The display option is quite similar to TikTok with a Twitter navigation bar at the bottom. Twitter hopes this new UI will get people using the platform more, and discover new content and engagement through this format. Right now, the new Explore display is in test mode ‘in certain countries. For more information about this update, click here. 

  • Facebook Launches ‘Professional Profiles’ to Help More Creators Maximize their Presence

Facebook is introducing ‘Professional Mode for Profiles’ to welcome new creators in, and updates for Creator Pages. This update is to facilitate more opportunities for creators on the app. Professional Mode will provide an alternative platform for emerging creators to glean audience insights, and connect. So rather than pushing new creators to professional Pages, Professional Mode for Profiles will provide more insights on post-performance and audience growth for those using regular Facebook profiles. Users who turn on Professional Mode will qualify for Reels bonuses and other features. Professional Mode will be tested with a limited number of profiles in the US, before rolling out in EMEA next year.

In addition to this, Facebook has added a new Professional Dashboard which provides a more comprehensive overview of Page performance data and audience insights. This dashboard provides more in-depth performance stats and information on Stars and Bonuses to help creators keep track of the various elements. There is also a new top of the feed overview prompt, which provides a snapshot of new comments and shares on creator content. Lastly, Facebook is also testing a new two-step post composer which gives creators using Pages the ability to schedule posts and cross-post into a group direct from the regular composer window. For more information, click here.

  • Instagram’s Testing a ‘Dancify’ Option for Reels Which Would Automatically Sync Video and Music

Instagram is testing a new feature that would enable users to ‘dancify’ their Reels clips to any music track. If you are wondering what Dancify means, it seems like an auto-sync option, which enables users to sync their uploaded videos to whatever music track they choose. This automated process matches the music beats to the video, to create a better quality clip. There is no major news about this new feature from Instagram but they explained that Dancify is an early prototype and not currently testing on Instagram. For more information, click here.

Thank you for reading. See you next Friday for more news and interesting reads in the digital space. 


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