This Week In Digital Marketing

This week in digital marketing

#1 YouTube brings in $15 billion as Alphabet 2019 revenues reached $162 billion

YouTube made more money in 2019 than the whole of Amazon’s ad business.

Total Alphabet 2019 revenues reached nearly $162 billion.  Of this, Google advertising revenues contributed the largest chunk, accounting for $134.8 billion, with YouTube contributing $15 billion for the year.

In addition to YouTube, Alphabet announced that its Cloud business has a $10 billion run rate. On their own, the revenues of these businesses would be significant.

The top three digital ad platforms remain Google, Facebook and Amazon. However, Google’s $134.8 billion in 2019 ad revenue is nearly 2X Facebook’s ad revenue of $69.7 billion. And Amazon’s 2019 ad revenue of $14.1 billion is less than YouTube’s $15 billion. Combined, Facebook and Amazon’s ad revenues are still far lower than Google’s.

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#2 Although Snapchat Users and Revenue Increases, Snapchat is still extremely under-monetized

Snap Inc., the owners of the Snapchat app, reported a 44% year-on-year increase in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019, reaching $561 million. Daily active users (DAUs) on Snapchat reached 218 million, up 4% from 210 million in the previous quarter.

While this performance is generally okay, it still fell short of the expected $563 million revenue predicted by experts which is a sign the company is still struggling to stand out among rivals like Instagram and now TikTok. 

Evan Spiegel, The CEO says Snapchat is focused on attracting more advertisers to the platform which will, in turn, help Snapchat generate more revenue in years to come.

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#3 Quora announces 2 new features to help advertisers measure and attribute conversions more accurately.

The two new features added by quora are:

  1. Advanced Match 
  2. Conversion Windows 

Quora’s new features were designed to help advertisers measure and attribute conversions.

Advanced match –  This new tool allows advertisers to modify the Quora Pixel code to match secure, hashed emails with more website conversions from Quora Ads. The major benefit is that advertisers will be able to better follow conversion actions across multiple devices when there is no tracking cookie present. 

Conversion windows. To give businesses a better understanding of their customer journeys, Quora’s new Conversion Windows allows advertisers to indicate how long after an ad interaction a conversion can be counted.

Advertisers can indicate a 1-90 day click-through or a 1-30 day view-through. If advertisers choose not to specify the conversion windows, Quora’s current defaults of a 28-day click-through, 1-day view-through will apply.

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