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By August 5, 2018 Marketing, Social Media
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It’s been a non-eventful week on Social Media filled with the crackdown and aftereffect of Twitter shutting down fake accounts. However, on the Search side of Digitial things, things have been happening. Here are a couple of those things:

FAQs to appear in Google Search Results
Google has been testing for the past several months a new form of search results snippets: the way the search results appear to searchers. These new search snippets are in the form of FAQs or frequently asked questions, Q&A (questions & answers) and How-Tos.

Broad core algorithm
Google has released a “broad core algorithm update” this week. Google will release several algorithm updates per year that it may confirm, while many others are not confirmed or recognized by Google.

Snapchat now uses speech recognition to animate your face
The new lenses use speech recognition instead of facial recognition to identify when to trigger an animation. You can ask Alexa for something using single-word triggers to animate the augmented reality mask.

WhatsApp video calls supporting up to four people are now rolling out
To start a group call, just start a usual one-on-one video call, and tap the “add participant” button in the top right of the screen to add more contacts to the call. As you might have hoped, these group video calls are encrypted with WhatsApps usual end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your communications are always secure.


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