Nigeria Social Media Statistics For August 2018

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Social media plays an ever important role in the contemporary Nigeria society. In this post, we have done a detailed breakdown of social media usage in Nigeria.


We will start by taking a look at the penetration rate of different social media platforms in Nigeria. As can be seen from the chart below, Instagram and Facebook top the list of the most popular platforms in Nigeria with 41% penetration rate. Another Mark Zuckerberg company, Instagram came in third. No surprise here really, other than the fact that one would have expected Snapchat to have more than its current 9% penetration (considering Nigeria large population of young people).


Largest Pages

In terms of sheer number of followers, nobody beats Gossip Mill Nigeria. Gossip Mill has 7.4 million Facebook followers. Another news/gossip site, Mayor Boss, came second with 7million+ followers on Facebook.


Largest Celebrity Pages



Largest News/Media Pages

Of the ten largest Facebook media pages in Nigeria, only two belong traditional media houses – Vanguard with 3.15 million fans and Punch with 1.47 fans.


Largest Political, Religious and Cultural Leaders Pages

Even though he lost the 2015 presidential election to APC’s Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan continues to rule the Facebook space. With 2.26 million followers, his page is the largest of any leader in Nigeria



Top Five Nigeria Industries on Facebook


Largest Pages

When it comes to Twitter in Nigeria, musicians rule.  Six of the ten largest Twitter accounts belong to musicians. Wizkid with 4.2 million followers leads the pack.


Largest Nigeria Brands On Twitter

Largest Nigeria Celebrities On Twitter

Largest Nigeria Political, Religious and Cultural Leaders Twitter Accounts



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