Social Media refers to applications and websites that facilitate human interaction. Over the years, social media appears to play an essential role in both the lives of humans and businesses. In recent years, we find a large number of Nigerians adopting various social media platforms as vehicles of expression and e-commerce.

Today, we would be taking a quick look at the monthly social media statistics for the month of March 2020. This post highlights the breakdown of social media usage in Nigeria, and the most visited social media pages by Nigerians. 

Most Popular Social Media Platforms.

What are the top social media apps in Nigerian today? Let’s start by taking a look at the most used apps in Nigeria. The graph below shows the stats of social media in Nigeria for the month of March.

Social media stats

Facebook has always topped the list of the most popular social media platforms in Nigeria, it is an app that all age grades can relate with and this gives it an edge over other apps in terms of popularity. Next on the list is the Twitter app and then Instagram. These platforms happen to be the most entertaining and informative platforms for Nigerians.


  • Largest Audience (entertainment): Mayor Boss is a Nigerian Entertainer, a songwriter, a rapper, and a singer with over 7.5 Million followers on Facebook. Another large entertaining page with over 6.5 million followers is ‘Mark Angel”, they are known for their very hilarious comedy skits.

Social media stats

  • Largest Audience (Musicians): P-square official page ranks number one on this list. The duo (Peter and Paul) is very popular in the music industry, but who thought they’d still have an official page together on social media even after their big fight that resulted in a split. Second, on the list is the popular Ice prince with over 1.4 million fans on Facebook.

Social media stats

  • Largest (Daily News): In this category, we find the top gist bloggers in Nigeria, blogs like and Yabaleftonline have been consistent in delivering daily news updates and trends to Nigerians and this is why we find a large number of Nigerians on Facebook following these blogs.

Social media stats

  • Largest Audience (Politicians): Of all the Nigerian Politicians, we find out here that Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan is the most active on Facebook with the largest number of followers of his page. Governor Nasir El-Rufia of Kaduna state is next on the list with over 800,000 followers.

Social media statsLargest Audience (Industries)

Social media stats

  • Top 5 Facebook Brands by No. Of Interactions

Social media stats



  • Top 5 Twitter Brands by No. of Followers

Social media stats

  • Top 5 Twitter Brands by No. of InteractionsSocial media stats
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Social Media stats

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