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12 Apr

Why Most Nigerian E-Businesses Fail

Why Nigerian E-Businesses Fail - Blog - Wow Effects

There has been an upsurge in the number of Nigerian e-businesses. It seems Nigerians are gradually waking up to the enormous businesses opportunities available on the internet. Ordinarily, I should be happy about this development considering that I have always been advocating for Nigerians to exploit the huge business opportunities

11 Apr

Product Review Mechanism – A Fail Proof Model

Product review Model and Mechanism

There are thousands of resources on new product development online and offline. Most recommend the classic (or its variants) development process: Idea Generation, Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Marketing Strategy Development, Business Analysis, Product Development, Market Testing, and Commercialization. And if well executed, the process is most effective. They all

05 Apr

Marketing Lessons From A Bus Ride

Marketing Lessons From A Bus Ride

Educated people just love to think they are wiser than the less educated folks—which is a shame. I sure used to think the same way. Take marketing for example. There are some key marketing concepts drilled into every marketing professional. Things like the Four Ps, Segmentation, Targeting etc. There are